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Keith Jones

Keith Jones

Keith graduated with a MSc in Transactional Analysis from the University of Middlesex, later gaining Diplomas in Organisational Gestalt and Systemic theory and practice. He also is a fully accredited trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, is accredited in Organisational Development and Learning with the Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners and is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Originally working in a clinical setting within the health authority he made the move to consultancy in 1995. He was director of Learning and Organisational Development for KPMG Consulting Europe Middle East and Africa, and held the post of Director of Learning for ISL Business Psychologists based in Henley.

  • Designing and delivering an international consulting development programme for KPMG International.

  • This programme forms only a small part of the 20 different projects designed and delivered in over 41 countries worldwide. Beginning in 2004 this comprehensive curriculum continues today.

  • Designing and delivering an international programme for client directors within the fastest growing media organisation of 2016. Delivered in the United States, Asia, India and Europe remains an important part of the strategic development ongoing.

  • Providing a highly experiential residential programme for a large international organisation within the aerospace industry.

  • Designing and delivering large-scale strategic transformation events for 30 CEOs across the Asia-Pacific regions.

Keith Jones
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