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Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis

Julie works with forward-thinking teams and organisations who want to create resilient next-level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace.  Over the last three decades, she has led more than 60 multi-national teams on global expeditions including the Arctic and Antarctica, with a strong track record of transforming the way people think, act and perform both as individuals and as a team.

She has a wealth of experience working with cross-cultural and cross-generational teams.  She has done this by:

  • Co-creating high content programmes to meet the specific needs of the organisation that can be applied instantly to create positive and measurable change.

  • Bringing diverse individuals together to create an engaged, resilient, focused and successful team.

  • Speaking at several conferences around the globe, TV, Radio and Podcast guest and as a published author.

  • Sharing leadership lessons from her global expeditions including the Arctic and Antarctica.

  • Offering online tests, tools and strategies to heighten self-awareness, develop new ways of looking at challenges, developing a “mountain mindset”.

Julie has worked with several industry sectors across the Middle East, Asia, India and the USA including: FedEx, HSBC, Astra Zeneca, Land Rover, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Emirates National Oil Company, Coca-Cola, ZF Engineering, American Chamber of Commerce, British Business Group, Bank of New York & Mellon, AXA, World Human Development Congress, Million Dollar Round Table, Nike, Women in Law, C-Suite Network, Etihad Airways, KLM, Canon.

Julie Lewis
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