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Graham Craddock

Graham Craddock

Graham has a background in banking.  He worked for 33 years for HSBC Group, where he developed a strong reputation for creating people focused teams that delivered results. He held senior executive roles in Corporate, Commercial and Retail Banking. Since leaving HSBC he has consulted across a wide spectrum of manufacturing, technology and services companies across the world.

He has worked in many different cultures and brings an interesting blend of learning and development understanding, coupled with many years of practical experience of front line corporate and business banking.

Clients include HSBC, Barclays, First Gulf Bank, Danske Bank, Moody’s Analytics and more.

Graham has worked in the UK, Middle East, India, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, and more.

Graham is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and also holds a degree in Clinical Organisational Psychology from INSEAD Business School, where he majored in non-directive coaching and consulting to businesses ranging from family concerns to large corporations.

Graham Craddock
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