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Who we are

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a mix of psychology and business qualifications. They have usually worked in industry before joining us, ensuring their effectiveness is second to none. They are accredited by a range of relevant organisations, including the British Psychological Society, the Association for Coaching and the Institute of Directors.

Our consultants are also qualified to deliver the leading psychometric tools in the industry, including: FIRO Element-B, Hogan, Insights Discovery, LBQ, Lumina Spark, MAPP, MBTI, PROPHET, SDI, StrengthScope, 16PF and others.

Nicholson McBride Fisher also use highly skilled corporate actors for sessions designed to enhance personal impact and communication skills. The actors guide participants through interactive sessions which place emphasis on practice as well as learning and discussion. These sessions might include, for example: feedback skills, difficult conversations, coaching conversations, or more.

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