Boyden & Nicholson McBride Partnership

18 Jan 2019

Nicholson McBride are pleased to announce our partnership with Boyden, the leading executive search firm

Boyden is a premier talent advisory and leadership solutions firm with more than 65 offices in over 40 countries.

Boyden and Nicholson McBride’s leadership consulting offerings include the Boyden Leadership Model (BLM), Cultural Change, Coaching and Onboarding solutions as well as bespoke leadership development programs. Clients around the globe are increasingly relying on Boyden for expanded leadership consulting services, in addition to executive search and interim management.

“Over 70 years ago, our founder Sidney Boyden said the great variable in business is the calibre of global leadership,” said Trina Gordon, President & CEO of Boyden. “While still true today, the key differentiator for evolving global organisations is how well aligned their leadership teams are to capitalize on emerging opportunities, adapt to fast-evolving market dynamics, and navigate global complexities. Our partnership with industry leader Nicholson McBride is a natural extension of Boyden’s recognised advisory services in response to our client requirements for an integrated suite of talent solutions.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Boyden. Our approaches are entirely complementary – niche and bespoke,” said Jane Clarke, Director of Nicholson McBride. “As psychologists, we believe that the Boyden Leadership Model and approach provide the best predictor of future performance in senior roles, thus helping businesses appoint the right candidates for strategic leadership positions. Nicholson McBride can then support the successful candidate in the onboarding process, to ensure the right fit from a behavioural and cultural perspective – developing individual skills and the leadership team – to ensure that selected leaders fulfil their potential and move rapidly from establishing themselves to achieving a new level of business success.”

Boyden’s Leadership Model is a solution that assists client organisations in aligning leadership teams to implement strategy and achieve key business objectives. BLM is the result of proprietary innovations in leadership advisory services — a synthesis of empirical research and academic rigour, client collaboration, and business partnership with Nicholson McBride. It provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of nine core leadership competencies, grouped into three areas of intelligence: cognitive, social and emotional.

BLM is complemented by Boyden’s Leadership Consulting services:

Leadership Development: Senior leadership teams play complementary roles by co-creating leadership development programs that supercharge their collective abilities. This includes developing and executing strategy, as well as building dynamic leadership team relationships and effective decision-making.

Talent Mapping: Whether an organisation is considering expanding into new markets, developing new products or analysing the competition, it can benefit from a detailed analysis of the talent landscape.

Cultural Change: Even with the most robust strategy in place, companies that do not focus on culture experience greater recruitment and retention challenges. Boyden and Nicholson McBride partner with clients to understand the unique drivers and circumstances that inform the organisation and create the appropriate solutions to drive organisational change.

Coaching and Onboarding: A thorough approach to onboarding with an executive coach has been shown to increase executive engagement and performance, reduce departures, and shorten the time to full productivity.